Moments After Shaking Kim Jong Un’s Hand, Trump Looked Over & Saw a Sign From GOD

Well it actually happened. President Trump has pulled off a feat that every President has tried at, but failed for decades. He confronted the tyrannical North Korean leader face-to-face.

Previous Presidents have cowered in the face of North Korea, in fears that China would side with them, but Pres. Trump wasn’t scared, he is going to do what is in the best interests of America.

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But it’s what happened right after their face-off that is truly a sign from GOD that Pres. Trump has pulled off what no other President could’ve.

CNN admitted Pres. Trump was right all along, and SO did Obama’s former Intelligence Director!

Chris Cuomo reported that Pres. Trump had the genius plan to have basketball legend Dennis Rodman, who is close to Kim Jong Un, give the N. Korean dictator a copy of Trump’s book, “The Art of The Deal” …. Kim Jong Un LOVED the book and  THIS is what convinced him to concede and finally meet with Pres. Trump. (Video Below)

Obama’s former National Intel Director James Clapper, who has been trying to destroy Pres. Trump, went on CNN and praised the President and admitted defeat. Watch:

Dennis Rodman also joined CNN wearing a MAGA hat and was brought to tears in praise of President Trump. He said Obama, “never gave him the time of day.”

The basketball legend said he was mocked and ridiculed by the media for his efforts to bridge the divide with North Korea… But he and Pres. Trump were right in the end.

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