IT’S A MIRACLE: What Trump Just Did For This Cafeteria Worker Will Make You Cry Tears of Joy

President Trump went to Missouri today to hear from hardworking Americans about how the tax cuts benefited them.

The President sat at a roundtable and listened to each person one-by-one but when it got to a Missouri Cafeteria worker, she broke down in tears as she told Trump exactly what she was doing with the bonus she received due to his tax cuts.

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This moment will make you cry tears of joy. Here’s what she said:

“Mr. President, my name is Bonnie Brazile, and I work in the cafeteria at College of the Ozarks alongside the hardworking students. And I am very grateful for the bonus when the college gave it to us and I put mine in savings for my retirement and I want to thank you Mr. President and God bless you.” 

Bonnie broke down in tears and was comforted by President Trump.

This tax relief she received was called “Crumbs” by Nancy Pelosi but it clearly meant so much to this hard-working woman.

This shows just how out of touch the Democrats are to try to stop the tax cuts and downplay their significance.

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Watch the incredible moment here, and the full roundtable below.

Here is the full event: