Univision Reporter Tries to Call Tucker a Liar About Migrant Caravan – Tucker’s Response Leaves Him in Silence

Univision Reporter Enrique Acevedo went on Tucker Carlson last night and they had an explosive exchange about the migrant ‘caravan’ that’s arriving at the border.

First, Tucker started by playing a montage pre-election clips of Obama and liberal reporters saying the ‘caravan’ is just a myth made up by Pres. Trump. Then, the Univision reporter chimed in to say something so insane that Tucker unloaded on him. (Video Below)

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Acevedo tried to tell Tucker that “most of the people in the caravan are just pushing strollers through Mexico.” He said it is a lie to depict the caravan as a threat or a National Security Issue.

Tucker stopped him, glared into the camera, and said “I’m an American, i’ll decide whether it’s a threat or not… okay?” Then he laid out the facts about how MOST of the people in the ‘caravan’ are actually young men who are alone. It’s not a bunch of mothers pushing their strollers.

Watch this explosive clip then spread this everywhere so we can get the truth out.