Media Stunned To Silence As President Trump Demolishes Key Liberal Constituency

Trump loves giving liberals the business. Pointing out their hypocrisies and eradicating their sacred cows. And he’s very good at it.

What he can’t change with Congress he changes with executive orders (just like Obama) but the media never says that when they bash Trump for it.

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Which makes the media’s reaction to Trump latest game changer so weird.

They said nothing. Either they are blinded by Russia fever or they were too stunned to tell Pelosi the bad news.

We face no such constraints… President Donald Trump just signed an executive order that will require welfare recipients (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program benefits, Medicaid and low-income housing subsidies) work or lose their benefits.

From the New York Times:

The order gave all cabinet departments 90 days to produce plans that impose work requirements on able-bodied aid recipients and block ineligible immigrants from receiving aid, while drafting “a list of recommended regulatory and policy changes” to push recipients off the rolls and into jobs.

Despite the media’s silence, we did find one publication that ripped Trump for his order although as per usual with the left their attack proves the opposite that it intended.


From the root:

“Our country suffers from nearly record high welfare enrollments,” said Andrew Bremberg, the president’s domestic policy chief, according to the Times, which notes that Temporary Assistance for Needy Families payments to poor people are approaching record lows.

Trump also reportedly wants to change the word “welfare” to include not only cash payments but also food and medical benefits (SNAP and Medicaid).

Or he just doesn’t give AF. And I quote: “Mr. Trump, several aides said, is unconcerned—or perhaps even unaware—of the distinction between cash assistance and other safety-net programs … he calls them all welfare.”

Talking straight is a virtue Trump alone understands among politicians.