What Luis Gutierrez Just Said About Trump Will Go Down In History As Day Liberals Lost America

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Luis Gutierrez just exposed the left for the absolute frauds that they really are. But doing it in such a blatant day he did a lot more.

A lot of people are saying this is the day the liberals went too far and officially lost America.

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Here’s why – no one, least of all Trump, is insensitive to the plight of the DACA dreamers.

When Luis Gutierrez said he would go help build Trump’s wall he was being sincere. As was Trump with his offer to solve DACA.

Elections matter and Trump won, and it is not Trump’s fault if the Democrats rejected his deal to help the dreamers.

It is their own darn fault. If they won’t swallow their pride to save these kids shame on them. But to call Trump a racist over their own failures is a bridge too far, even for the left.

Gutierrez ripped Trump saying:

“So Trump’s immigration approach is pretty simple:  If you are white, you’re alright.  If you are brown, you are lower down. And if you are black, just go back.”


“Yes, in America, if you have a million dollars or you look like a million dollars, you can get a visa. But if you look like a parking attendant or a busboy or a field hand or the King of Wakanda – in the eyes of our President, you are not welcome.”

Nice huh?

Trump won. He will be here for a minimum of three more years but based on new swing state polls probably for the next 7.

If they won’t swallow their pride to save these kids shame on them.