Lindsey Graham Takes Podium, Sends Democrat Senator Slithering Back Into The Swamp She Crawled Out of

Senator Lindsey Graham is on FIRE today at the Senate hearing with Attorney General William Barr. He exposed the anti-Trump witch hunt in a brutal rant and THEN had an explosive exchange with Democrat Senator Mazie Hirono.

First, the South Carolina Senator exposed deep state plot against Pres. Trump.  Graham pulled out a piece of paper and read aloud the shocking texts to and from Peter Strzok, the man who was in charge of the Hillary Email investigation. These texts outlined a plot to destroy the President and even called Trump a “F*cking idiot.”

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Sen. Graham even pointed to the cameras in the back of the room and said if the roles were reversed and Trump admin. officials did this, the liberal reporters holding the cameras would be talking about it 24/7.

But Graham wasn’t done there. He then interrupted Senator Hirono (D-HI) and exposed her after she “slandered” the Attorney General for simply trying to do his job. He embarrassed her on live TV and it was epic.

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And here is Sen. Graham’s exchange with Sen. Hirono:


source: Fox News