Lindsey Graham Just Went on Live TV & Leaked Susan Rice’s “Disturbing” Email Obama Never Wanted to Get Out

Senator Lindsey Graham went on Fox News last night and revealed a potential bombshell about Obama and his ex-National Security adviser Susan Rice.

According to Graham, just Moments before President Trump took office, Rice sent HERSELF an email that basically put “on the record” that Obama’s hands are clean of the Russia investigation.

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Graham called the email “odd and disturbing.”

The email claims to be documenting a meeting where President Obama told her, FBI Director Comey that the Russia investigation should be done “By The Book” and repeated that phrase over and over.

Sen. Graham said he thinks this looks like an effort to put Obama on the record that he did not authorize or know of any abuses of power that occurred during the launch of this Russia probe.

But Sen. Graham isn’t going to let Obama off that easy. He asked a couple questions to which the answers will eventually decide Obama’s fate.

The answer to these questions will determine whether or not Obama was part of the plot by the intelligence community to destroy Pres. Trump.

“The question is did the president know anything about the [Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act] warrant application?”


“Did Susan Rice know that the warrant application included a dossier from Mr. [Christopher] Steele when he was on the payroll of the Democratic Party, coming from Russian sources that he was a political operative being paid by the Democratic Party, and that the information in the FISA warrant application was a dossier that was political in nature and that Mr. Steele hated . . . candidate Trump . . . That’s not exactly ‘by the book.'”

Do you think Obama was part of the plot to undermine Trump?