Liberal Reporter Asks Trump Dumb Question, Trump Shuts Her Down With Brilliant Answer

President Trump stunned the world with his realistic and get tough approach to NATO and our allies.

Look, NATO is a critical alliance for America and because they know this and because we were rebuilding the world after the war, we allowed ourselves to pay way more than our fair share.

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But now that the world has caught up and is competing with us on a level playing field it is now time to make NATO fair to the US taxpayers.

We didn’t complain when we were rebuilding Europe, we just did what was needed.

Now Europe needs to do the right thing and only Trump got them to do it. As Trump held a short press conference to explain that NATO members finally agreed to actually pay their fair share, a liberal reporter rudely asked him with a dumb question about Putin.

Trump promptly shut her down with a brilliant answer.

From Gateway Pundit:

 A Finnish reporter asked President Trump about his “best deal with Putin” and his hostility towards reporters.


President Trump responded by ramping up the hostility towards reporters to a ten.

Finnish reporter: What would be the best deal with Putin when you come to Helsinki? And don’t you think house diplomacy, that you’re playing to the same goal as Putin with your house diplomacy (hostility) towards EU and NATO?

President Trump: “Let’s see, no more nuclear weapons anywhere in the world would be the ultimate. Okay? No more wars. No more problems. No more conflict. Let’s find a cure to every disease known to mankind.”