Kellyanne Conway Comes Forward, Sends Paul Ryan Crawling Back Into The Swamp He Came From

Kellyanne Conway just responded to Speaker Ryan’s attacks on Pres. Trump’s proposed executive order ending birthright citizenship.

Speaker Ryan called the proposed order unconstitutional and even suggested Pres. Trump doesn’t “believe” in the constitution. Kellyanne Conway unloaded on Speaker Ryan and exposed him as the swamp monster he is.

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Brett Baier asked Kellyanne Conway to respond to Speaker Ryan’s comments that he “believes in the constitution” and the implication that Pres. Trump doesn’t.

Kellyanne said “as do we,” and went on to explain how Speaker Ryan and the rest of Congress has failed to act on immigration. She explained that Speaker Ryan has failed to end the visa lottery, end chain migration, and build the wall.


“Congress never acted,” Conway said, pointing out that Pres. Trump boiled it down to these four issues because most Americans agree on them, across party lines.

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