Kav’s Acusser Contradicts Herself Under Questioning And It’s Bad

The witness seemed fairly credible until the GOP prosecutor brought up airplanes and her fear of flying.

She claimed she couldn’t fly and that the GOP did not offer to come out to see her which caused the delay that led to today’s spectacle.

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Lindsey Graham thinks it is a setup and said as much in a furious interview you can see below.

Chuck Grassley corrected the record and said that indeed he had offered. She eventually admitted he did offer that to her.

How can she get that wrong when it is so fresh in her memory?

It went downhill from there as she admitted under questioning to other taking flights.

Look, this is a credibility thing so while it seems insignificant it is important.

As reported by Fox News:


Ford is asked if she showed her therapist about the records with the other therapist where she described the alleged assault but did not name Kavanaugh.

Mitchell asked if other things contributed to her anxiety and PTSD.

Ford said that it was a “great question” and said it doesn’t mean other things that occurred in her life would make it better. Ford said she couldn’t rule it out but nothing environmentally.

Ford is asked about the Washington Post interview. She is asked if she used Kavanaugh’s name when she told her husband about the alleged assault. She said no.

She is asked how she got to Washington and she said by a flight. She is asked about her fear of flying and Ford said she requested the committee come to her but she knew it was an impossible request. She said a few friends helped her to get the “gumption” to fly to Washington, D.C.

She said also once a year, she usually flies to Delaware to see family.

Ford is asked if she’s been to Hawaii, Costa Rica and other places. She is asked if she went to the places by flight and she said yes.