KARMA: After The Media Tried to Destroy Don Jr, Top Legal Expert Gave Him The BEST News of His Life

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In light of Donald Trump Jr’s “meeting” with a Russian lawyer, Legal Expert Gregg Jarrett dropped a bombshell that will make Don Jr cheer. This is bad news for the mainstream media. 

Donald Trump Junior apparently met with a Russian lawyer who said she had information that would interest the Trump campaign. But now we know the REAL truth about the meeting.

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CNN and the New York Times are acting like this will get Don. Jr arrested and bring down President Trump. But top legal expert, Gregg Jarrett, just shut down this mainstream media fantasy. Jarret revealed that even if 100% of their story is true, he did NOTHING illegal. WATCH this then SHARE this on Facebook so we can make it go viral!

Jarrett says that it’s not a crime to meet with a Russian lawyer or any Russian official, especially considering Don Jr. is a private citizen. Jarrett then goes to say that the only way he could see it being a “crime” is if, during the meeting, the Russian lawyer gave Trump Junior any information/thing to discredit Hillary Clinton. He says that even if this did happen, it’s not a huge crime, merely a slap on the wrist.

Donald Trump Jr. responded on Twitter:

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On the Fox News Specialists, the panel had a good discussion about the matter as well. Amongst the things said, Katherine Timpf says that it doesn’t look good, but that’s mainly because of the narrative being built up: