KARMA: After Liberal Senator Got Caught Spreading Sick Lies, Trump Leaked His WORST Nightmare

For months, Democratic Senator Richard Blumenthal has been leading the charge in investigating President Trump for possible “collusion” with Russia. Now he is attacking Trump for going after leakers inside the White House who are spreading this Russia collusion LIE. 

After President Trump saw Blumenthal’s comments, he unloaded on him, exposing his worst nightmare. (Video Below)

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Trump called out Blumenthal for being a complete PHONY and lying about serving in Vietnam. Sen. Blumenthal was forced to apologize for this, after Veterans found out that he didn’t ever serve in Vietnam like he said. 

SOURCE: Twitter

President Trump called out Blumenthal on live TV for lying to the people of Connecticut. WATCH the video below then SHARE on Facebook so we can make it go viral! 

Here is Blumenthal in 2010 after he got caught LYING about serving in Vietnam.