KARMA: Jesse Waters Just Leaked The Truth About Democrats & Ukraine That Will Make Them Shiver in Fear

Jesse Watters had a bombshell-filled monologue last night on “The Five” and what he revealed will have the Democrats running scared.

According to the Fox host, the true origin of the Ukraine scandal links all the way back to the Obama administration, who laid the foundation for this ongoing anti-Trump witch hunt.

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But that’s not all… Watters also reveals how the Clintons are tied to this, and it does not look good for them. WATCH this explosive video clip then spread it like wildfire.

From Fox News:

“We now know that Joe Biden has lied twice about talking to his son about his business dealings… Look at the photograph, with Devin Archer… He visited the Obama White House TWICE, we know now. I’d like to know what he talked about there.”

“Also, when the Obama Biden people installed their handpicks investigators in Ukraine after the revolution, they pressured the Ukrainians to investigate Paul Manafort. And as a matter of fact the DNC paid one of their contractors $70,000 to work with the Ukrainian embassy to get dirt on Manafort.”

“And who did they link that deep state dirt to? Michael Isakoff, and that guy was the same guy who was the recipient of the Christopher Steele fake “Dossier” and that’s how it got pushed into the blood-stream.”

“Also, interestingly enough… It turns out, the Ukrainians gave the most top-dollar donations to the Clinton Foundation over the years. 10 MILLION DOLLARS… That is why the Democrats are so nervous about this. Because Trump is finally dialing in on the corruption and the collusion of the last administration.”