KARMA: After Omarosa Accused Trump For Racism, Trump Exposed Her For Who She Really is

Disgraced former White House Staffer Omarosa Manigault-Newman doubled-down on her attacks on Pres. Trump, claiming she heard him use the N-Word multiple times while on the set of “The Apprentice.”

Omarosa claimed she heard the a secret recording of Pres. Trump using the racial slur while on the set of the NBC reality show. But there’s one problem.

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The only person who could possibly have any recording like this is the show’s Producer, Mark Burnett, came out and told Pres. Trump that “NO TAPES” exist.

President Trump just issued a brutal response to her “disgusting” allegations with these 3 Tweets exposing her for who she truly is.

SOURCE: Twitter

Pres. Trump said he was glad General Kelly fired Omarosa, and referred to her as a “dog.”

SOURCE: Twitter

Even liberal White House Reporter April Ryan came out and called Omarosa out on her “lies.” Ryan even called Omarosa “Evil.”

SOURCE: Twitter

I guess this story isn’t the bombshell Democrats were hoping for.

Even anti-Trump reporters are attacking Omarosa and calling her an evil liar.


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