KARMA: After Lebron James Called Trump Supporters Stupid, His Worst Nightmare Got Leaked

For the past week, the liberal media has cheered on NBA star Lebron James as he attacked President Trump. Lebron had previously called President Trump a “bum” and said his supporters were “uneducated.”

The basketball star’s media tour, including an appearance on CNN, was about the public school he is supposedly opening in Akron Ohio to “help the community.”

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But the ugly truth about “Lebron’s school” just leaked.

According to Cleveland.com, Lebron is only paying for apprx 20% of this school, leaving the Ohio taxpayers with the rest of the bill as he moves to Los Angeles.

Sports Radio Host Clay Travis did the math and found that Lebron’s contribution basically equates to someone who earns 50k per year donating $10 to their church offering.

That’s a noble gift, but is it worth a week of praise from everyone in the liberal media? Do you think Lebron’s attacks on Trump have anything to do with the Liberal media obsession with him?