KARMA: After Jim Acosta Demands Trump Reinstate Press Pass, Mike Huckabee Delivers Fatal Blow to His Career

As i’m sure you’ve heard, CNN filed a lawsuit demanding that Pres. Trump immediately reinstate Jim Acosta’s press pass. Of course this is all NONSENSE. The only think The White House revoked was his “Hard Pass” which simply means he has to get the daily press pass like any other reporter in the country who wants to get into the White House.

Well, Mike Huckabee just came forward with an idea that will send a shiver down Jim Acosta’s spine.

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The former Arkansas governor said Pres. Trump should simply invite local reporters from around the country to the White House Press Briefings. Local papers and broadcasters could come to events on a “rotating” basis to ask questions of the President or Sarah Huckabee-Sanders.

This is Jim Acosta and the rest of the liberal media’s worst nightmare. Actual reporters instead of on-air “personalities” like Acosta  who are simply going after Cable News ratings. Here’s what Huckabee Tweeted.

Huckabee’s solution will keep people like Acosta from making every press conference about himself.


As Sean Spicer said yesterday, having access to the White House isn’t a “right” it’s a “privilege.” And it’s a privilege that Acosta abused. Even his own colleagues say they are “disgusted” by his selfish antics.

Huckabee went on Fox Business to give his thoughts on Jim Acosta’s “bullying” tactics. Do you agree with Huckabee’s solution to