KARMA: After Jim Acosta ‘Assaulted’ White House Intern, Sarah Huckabee Delivers Fatal Blow to His Career

CNN’s Jim Acosta got physical with a female White House intern today after she was simply trying to do her job and take the microphone from him to hand to the next person.

After Acosta’s explosive exchange with Pres. Trump, the CNN reporter appeared to chop the young woman’s arm and refused to hand the mic over as he continued to scream at the President. Now, Sarah Huckabee-Sanders has come forward to deliver some BAD news to Acosta.

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The White House is suspending the “hard press credentials” of Jim Acosta until further notice for “placing his hands” on the young intern. Others are flat out calling Acosta’s actions “assault.” Here are the five Tweets Sarah Huckabee-Sanders just put out to make the announcement.

Jim Acosta just recorded himself trying to enter the White House as he gets stopped by a Secret Service Officer.

Here was the exchange from today if you missed it.

Many people are comparing this to what Corey Lewendowski did to a reporter in 2016, which caused a media firestorm and calls for his resignation.  If that is “assault” then you can easily make a case that Acosta’s actions are assault.

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