KARMA: After Hillary Clinton Attacked Trump Voters & Said They Hate Women, Fox Host Leaked Her Worst Nightmare

Hillary Clinton continued her bitterness tour this week, this time in Australia where she told the crowd that Pres. Trump beat her because his supporters hate women.

The failed Presidential candidate told the Australian crowd that Trump’s supporters were full of “fear” and “rage” about her possibly becoming the first female President. This comes after she implied recently that women only voted for Trump because their husbands told them to.

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But Fox Host Steve Hilton immediately responded to Hillary’s comments and exposed her worst nightmare. (Video Below)

Hilton pointed out how dellusional she was to think that her gender is the reason Americans don’t like her. He pointed out how her constant “blame everyone but herself” tour is going to ruin the Democrats chances in 2018 and beyond.

“There she goes again insulting the American people… This is just in line with the deplorables remark.”

“As far as the Democrats are concerned, they’re hoping that she just goes away, because every time she opens her mouth she causes them problems and reminds everyone of why Donald Trump won.”

This is Hillary’s worst nightmare because it represents her further slide into pathetic obscurity. Watch these two short clips then Spread this everywhere if you agree with him.

Here is the second clip.