KARMA: After CNN Leaked Trump Audio Tape, Gregg Jarrett Exposed Their Worst Nightmare

Last night, when CNN aired President Trump’s private phone call with his former lawyer Michael Cohen, thought they had exposed “smoking gun” that destroy Trump.

In the short, edited audio clip, you hear President Trump and Cohen briefly discussing something about a payment, allegedly to “silence” Stormy Daniels. But the audio tape isn’t what CNN wants you to think.

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Legal scholar Gregg Jarrett revealed to Hannity what was really going on in the phone call.

Jarrett, a Law Professor, revealed that NOTHING illegal was going on in this clip and this was a standard discussion of a settlement for a non-disclosure agreement. But he didn’t stop there.

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Here’s what Jarrett told Hannity.

Gregg Jarrett: Theres nothing illegal about paying someone who wants money in exchange for remaining silent. I used to negotiate contracts all the time.


Hannity: Aren’t they called non disclosure agreements?

Gregg Jarrett: Yes. To make people go away and be quiet. There’s nothing illegal about it, it’s not a crime.

Hannity: And people do those deals whether things really happened or not?

Gregg Jarrett: Sure. And look, he’s a billionaire. Theres a fine line between someone using their free speech to talk about you and extortion to remain quiet.