KARMA: After Biden Called Trump ‘Despicable’ For ‘Lynching’ Comment, This Old Video Surfaced Exposing Biden as The Hypocrite He is

Joe Biden was quick to attack President Trump earlier today for describing the impeachment inquiry as a partisan “Lynching.”

The former Vice President called Pres. Trump’s comments “Abhorrent” and “Despicable.” But there is one problem.

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Video has surfaced showing Biden using the EXACT SAME WORD in 1998 to describe the possible impeachment of President Clinton. Spread this everywhere to expose this fraud.

Seriously… Do these Democrats not realize old videos exist that will prove them to be lying hypocrites? Do they have no shame?


This was Biden’s self-righteous Tweet that he still has not deleted.

But Biden isn’t the only blatant Hypocrite. Check out this video montage of many Democrats describing the Clinton impeachment probe as a “lynching.”

Do they have no self awareness?