KARMA: After Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Posted Video About The ‘Monster’ in Her Sink, She Gets The Worst News Ever

Holy cow. Just when you thought Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez couldn’t be any dumber, she takes it to another level.

Last night, she posted a video on her Instagram Story in which she was terrified of the apparent “monster” in her sink. The “monster” was actually the garbage disposal with something inside of it, but AOC said she had never seen a garbage disposal or heard of one.

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Instead of asking ANYONE on earth who had ever used a sink before, she posted this for millions to see. You have to watch the video yourself. And we posted some of the responses below that expose AOC for the dummy she truly is. HAHA! Spread this everywhere. This is a United States Congresswoman!!

Here are some of the great responses:

Source: Twitter
Source: Twitter


Source: Twitter

Man, I hope she runs against Pres. Trump in 2020…