KARMA: 1 Week After Whoopi ‘Spit’ in Her Face For Supporting Trump, Judge Jeannine Leaked Her Worst Nightmare

It’s been just over 1 week since Judge Jeaninne Pirro’s explosive appearance on the view where Pirro says Whoopi Goldberg “Spit” in her face and said “F*ck you, get the F*ck out of this building'” because she supports Trump.

Now, Judge Jeannine Pirro just leaked Whoopi’s worst nightmare.

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In her “opening statement,” Judge Jeannine revealed shocking new poll numbers that show that liberal hosts like Whoopi and her crazed anti-Trump tirades, have backfired and caused more Americans to support Pres. Trump. But she didn’t stop there.

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“The left doesn’t care about our economic success. All they want to do is make noise. But it’s nothing more than background noise.

The truth? Nobody is paying attention to them. Donald Trump’s numbers continue to increase. His popularity just keeps going up.

And after he met with Putin, and was accused of everything, from collusion to treason, an offense punishable by death… His numbers continue to go up.


When are they going to realize that their yelling and screaming is nothing but a distraction. Nobody cares.

We care about food on the table. Paying the rent. The mortgage. Paying for the kids clothing for school.

But NO! They want to talk about whores and porn stars. About a lawyer who they’re squeezing so tight, he’ll confess to sinking the titanic.

And yet, despite a media focused on a wack-a-mole Trump-Rrussa collusion nonsense, and the haters continuing to hate, the outsider President has thundered forward with his America first agenda.

And with a kryptonite-proof aura of invincibility, the 45th outsider President, often working without the support of his own party, has produced a GDP growth that no one thought possible.

Here is Judge Jeannine describing her experience on The View: