Just DAYS After ‘The Red Hen’ Owner Kicked Sarah Huckabee Out, Trump Exposed Their Worst Nightmare

President Trump gets the last laugh once again.

The owner of “The Red Hen” doubled down on her decision to kick Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and her family out of the Virginia Restaurant, and said she would ‘absolutely’ do it again.

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Well, now President Trump has responded.

In a Tweet that is going viral this morning, President Trump blasted the “filthy” restaurant, and said they aren’t worthy of serving Sarah Huckabee-Sanders. Check out his Tweet:

SOURCE: Twitter

This has to BURN this business owner who thought this would go well for her to pick on the Trump administration. This buffoon even though she’d would get more business because she kicked Sarah and her family out. Well, think again.

Local Virginia Lawmakers also BLASTED the restaurant, saying this liberal is not a representation of their town… Even pointing out that she’s Meryl Streep’s cousin! Wow.

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U.S. Congressman Bob Goodlatte also weighed in:


And of course, the ultimate burn, which came from Sarah’s father, Mike Huckabee.

SOURCE: Twitter

Share this everywhere so we can further expose this liberal bigot for disrespecting Sarah Huckabee-Sanders and her family.