Judge Jeanine: Democrats so “Blinded” With Hatred of Trump & Bitter About 2016 They “Can’t See Straight”

Judge Jeanine Pirro just exposed Democrats in her opening statement. Everyone in America needs to see this.

The Fox host has been on fire lately but this clip is spot on.

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Judge Jeanine wonders aloud why Pres. Trump doesn’t get the credit for all his accomplishments. All the promises he has kept.

Then, she answers her own rhetorical question by pointing out how Democrats “hate” the President so much, that they ignore facts and prefer “interpretation” and innuendo.

Basically, they believe anything negative about the President and attribute bad motives to anything he does.

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From Fox News Insider:


Judge Jeanine Pirro said in her Opening Statement that voters will be influenced on Tuesday by either the results yielded by the Trump administration, or the way things are getting done.

Pirro said that those on the left “prefer interpretation over facts” because they “hate” the president.

“You’re so blinded by hateful vitriol and disappointed by your 2016 loss that you can’t see straight,” she said.

She commended Trump’s “relentless” promise-keeping with just two days to go before the midterms.

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