Houston Astros’ Jose Altuve Embarrasses Media, Sets Record Straight About Fake Trump Story

Source: Twitter

The mainstream media couldn’t help themselves. They see Trump scandals as frequently as the Sixt Sense kid say dead people.

In other words, everywhere.

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They sleuth out the Trump scandals like bloodhounds who missed the scent, wandering off over here to chase some fake story and over there to chase another.

When their hunt turns up empty do they quit?

No, they simply make it up. Trump sells and while they are profiting now, their infatuation with Trump will be their undoing.

When Trump leaves office they will have withdrawals worse than any heroin junkie.

Low ratings and bankruptcies will follow.

But until that day of reckoning, the media will just have to suffice with being humiliated publicly when another one of their fake Trump’s a jerk scandals blows up in their face.


After a picture surfaced of the visit that they claimed showed a pissed of MLB star Jose Altuve, the media foamed at the mouth of their new hero who protested Trump.

Except it never happened. They got it wrong again.

“I’m (standing) behind the president, probably one of the most important guys in the world,” Altuve said. “I can’t be laughing or doing stupid things while he’s talking. I need to listen.”

Correct. Hopefully the media will finally listen and cut the nonsense.