After Hillary Said Trump Was “Surrendering” The Country, Mike Huckabee Exposed Her For Who She Really is

Hillary Clinton is desperately trying to stay relevant after her 2016 election loss. But that is becoming harder and harder to do considering the success that President Trump is currently having in the White House.

One way she is trying to stay in the news is by calling out the Republicans for this whole Russia fiasco. She recently sent out a tweet that warned them that the Russians are stilling coming.

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This shaded insult at the integrity of President Trump and his administration did not go unnoticed. Former Arkansas governor Mike Huckabee went on Fox News and blasted Hillary for her comments.

“When Hillary says the Russians are coming, nobody would know that better than her. She’s the one that’s colluded with them.”

But he wasn’t done there. Huckabee the went on to call about her connection with the Uranium One deal as well as Fusion GPS. All of this goes right back to Russia.

“She’s the one who sold them the uranium. It was her, judge, that after all, paid those lawyers a bunch of money at Fusion GPS so that they could make up a phony dossier. Of course, she knows about the Russians coming. They’re coming for her. And right after they come, the little men in the white coats are going to come, and they’ll pick her up and retrieve her from the woods near Chappaqua.”

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(Source: Breitbart)