Hillary Attacks Trump For Harassment Allegations, Sarah Huckabee FIRES BACK With Killer Response

White House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders sees her fair share of hate from the reporters that she has to deal with on a regular basis. But she does an amazing job of shutting this hate down. That is what she is here for, after all. But sometimes she gets asked a question that sets up to be fire.

In recent weeks, Hollywood has been breaking down after allegations of sexual harassment come pouring in. But it doesn’t stop in Hollywood. Now they are quickly making their way to Washington DC, where some of our very own lawmakers are getting involved.

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Roy Moore is one of the men that has been accused of some very inappropriate behavior. But he is not the only one. Now Democratic Senator Al Franken has been exposed for groping different women during his time as a comedian. We reported earlier that Hillary Clinton herself defended him from these allegations, as crazy as that sounds.

But after being asked about these allegations, Sarah Sanders shut down Clinton for attacking President Trump. There have been a few allegations that Trump was involved in some sexual misconduct. These all came to light during the 2016 presidential election. WATCH this then SHARE on Facebook so it goes viral!

“I think Hillary Clinton probably should have dealt with some of those of her own issues before addressing this president.”

BOOM! That needs to be repeated over and over again until Hillary can get it into her head. What do you think?