IT’S HAPPENING! President Trump Just Gave Newt Gingrich The BEST News of His Life

If you follow our page, you know that we are big fans of Newt Gingrich. He has been loyal to Trump all along and shuts down mainstream media lies on a daily basis.

Well, we just learned that President Trump is about to do something AMAZING for Newt Gingrich. After all of the White House leaks and traitors in his own party trying to destroy him, President Trump is considering a MASSIVE White House shakeup. In this shakeup, Newt Gingrich will be named to a MAJOR role in the Trump Administration. 

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Pro-Trump journalist, Mike Cernovich, is reporting that Newt Gingrich is President Trump’s top choice for his new Chief of Staff. Cernovich has been right about every “Scoop” so far, so this is Amazing news.

SOURCE: Twitter

Gingrich has been giving President Trump great advice from the sidelines the past few weeks. His best advice came just a couple days ago, when Newt Gingrich dropped this bombshell on live TV. He explained why Trump should shut down the White House Press Room and used a historical example, FDR, to make his point. Liberals were SHOCKED to hear that their hero, President Roosevelt, did this. Once again, Newt’s knowledge of history shut down the lying media.