Hannity Just Pulled Out a Piece of Paper on Live TV That Made Robert Mueller Shiver in Fear

Sean Hannity broke shocking news last night that could end the Mueller investigation and expose it for the pathetic Witch Hunt it truly is. This will make Robert Mueller shiver in fear.

The Fox News Host revealed the full transcript of Bruce Ohr’s testimony and the contents were “shocking.” Hannity explained how the Deep State house of cards “is beginning to tumble down.” Ohr was the 4th highest ranking official in Obama’s Dept. of Justice and helped spark the Mueller investigation.

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Bruce Ohr admitted under oath that he handed a thumb drive over to the FBI so they could have access to all the dirt Hillary Clinton’s campaign had dug up on Trump.

Hannity also revealed that both the Clinton campaign AND the FBI were both paying Christopher Steele for the fake “dossier” that helped spark the Mueller investigation.But it gets even worse. WATCH this shocking video clip then spread it everywhere.

“This is only the beginning. Buckle up…. We now have damning evidence surrounding the corrupt, unethical, dishonest actions of so many deep state actors over the past 3 years.

“…Both the FBI and the Clinton Campaign… They were both paying Christopher Steele for this so-called “intelligence,” and we know Steele was getting paid by a Russian Oligarch.”

“You have to understand this. Steele was getting paid by your FBI, Hillary Clinton, and The DNC, and a Russian Oligarch.”


“But that’s not all. Thanks to this transcript, we now know that Bruce Ohr testified, under oath, about meeting with Fusion GPS founder and Christopher Steele’s boss… And this occurred during the 2016 campaign.”

Source: Fox News