Greg Gutfeld Comes Forward, Sends Hillary Clinton Crawling Back into The Woods She Crawled From

Greg Gutfeld just exposed Hillary for the pathetic, hypocritical, sore loser that she truly is.

After Hillary said Trump voters are racist poor people from “backwards” parts of the country, Gutfeld went on Fox to respond on behalf of the 65 million Trump voters. (Video Below)

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Here’s what Gutfeld said on “The Five” about Hillary’s sick comments:

“So imagine an inner-circle in hell, where you are doomed to defend the biggest screw-up of your life. That’s where you’ll find Hillary.

She blamed white women who voted for Trump on a fear of disobeying their husbands… How profoundly sexist is that?
Women are too weak to make up their own minds?

I guess she’d know given her own weak, subservience to her deceitful husband. ”

The most disturbing part of Hillary’s comments was telling the crowd in India that Trump supporters don’t like Indians.

She literally pulled this lie out of nowhere just to try and pander to her audience.


Gutfeld said this was normal for Hillary, because she doesn’t see actual people, just the group they belong to.

When his liberal co-host challenged whether or not he actually wants Hillary to leave the spotlight, Gutfeld said her comments aren’t even fun to mock anymore.

“I would like her to retire into the woods,” Gutfeld said.

Do you want Hillary to just go home and stop insulting Americans? Tell us below. Thanks!