Florida Gov. Rick Scott Just Signed MASSIVE Gun Control Law & What it Says Will Make Americans Furious

In a very poor attempt to stop mass shootings such as the one that took place in Parkland, Florida back on February 14th, Florida lawmakers have come up with a bill that will greatly reduce 2nd Amendment rights.

This is what everyone was afraid of and it just happened.

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Gov. Rick Scott has now signed that bill which comes with MAJOR new requirements to buy a gun in Florida.

Some of the things laid out in the bill include a ban on bump stocks, a longer waiting period to purchase a long gun and raising the age required to purchase from 18 to 21. The bill also had to be changed as Scott does not think that teachers should be able to be armed for self defense.

Apparently one of the biggest reasons for this this was the liberal Florida Education Association (FEA) who was urging Scott to veto the part that would’ve armed teachers.

In a letter they said:

“We urge you to honor your instincts and act to keep additional firearms from our schools unless they are in the hands of trained law enforcement personnel. Please veto the funding and language in the budget that provides for arming school personnel.”

So Gov. Scott is listening to liberal interest groups now, instead of Republican voters.


This is a massive punch in the face of conservatives who have long opposed any sort of gun control measure taking place.

Obviously there are issues with the laws that we have in place now, but taking away guns is not going to help anything.

What do you think of this bill?

(Source: Breitbart)