After FBI Raided Trump Campaign Manager’s House, WATCH Judge Jeanine Expose Who Ordered Them to do it

It was reported yesterday that President Trump’s former campaign manager, Paul Manafort, had his house raided by the FBI as a part of Robert Mueller’s Russia “investigation.”

This is just the latest episode in Mueller’s ever-expanding witch hunt. They’ve tried for months to find something on Trump, now they are desperately moving on to others to try and find something. But Judge Jeanine Pirro just told Sean Hannity the REAL reason Manafort’s house was raided. (Video Below)

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Judge Pirro, who is a former district attorney and Judge, exposed the dirty trick Mueller is using. Pirro said Mueller had the FBI raid Manafort’s house to try and find unrelated crimes that he has committed, like not reporting foreign bank accounts, etc.

According to Pirro, Mueller is now going to use whatever dirt he found on Manafort to bribe him into testifying against Trump in the Russia investigation. But she didn’t stop there. WATCH the bombshell video below then SHARE on Facebook so this goes viral!