FBI Informant On Uranium One Just Broke The Story That Will DESTROY Obama Once And For All

The Uranium One deal has turned into quite the stain on the Barack Obama administration’s legacy. This deal, involving many different players, shows that the Democrats were just as involved with the Russians as anyone else, no matter what they would like to say.

As more details come in on this case, the more important it is that we look for the truth.

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The FBI informant that was undercover on this case for a total of 6 years gathered extensive information on what this whole deal entailed. And by the looks of it, this goes much deeper than we originally thought.

The Russians had a plot that they thought would help them to undermine, and eventually take over, the American uranium market. More than 5,000 pages of documents have since surfaced that shows exactly what happened during this deal.

William Campbell, the informant, has not come out publicly and talked about the investigation that he was once involved in.

An email was sent to Campbell the sheds some light on what the Russians were trying to do.

“The attached article is of interest as I believe it highlights the ongoing resolve in Russia to gradually and systematically acquire and control global energy resources.”

Rod Fisk, an American contractor who was working with the Russians, was the one who sent the email. The article attached was on the company Rosatom’s attempt to buy Uranium One.


And to think this all happened under Back Obama himself…