Devin Nunes Just Dropped a Bomb On Hillary That The Democrats Never Saw Coming – She Is Finished

Hillary Clinton has been trying to stay in the news ever since her not-so-shocking loss to Donald Trump in the 2016 presidential election. But it looks like she might be finding herself in the news for something else entirely.

We have been hearing a lot about the FISA memo done by Republicans that outline alleged misbehavior on the Democrats’ part during the Trump campaign. Now the Democrats are trying to fight back against the allegations.

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They released a rebuttal to the original memo in which they try to fight back against the claims made against them. But according to House Intelligence Committee chairman Devin Nunes (R-CA), it is far too little, too late.

While doing an interview with Breitbart, Nunes explained how their rebuttal only strengthened the Republicans’ claims.

“The reason we wanted it out is because it confirms exactly what we’ve said the whole time — that the FBI used dirt paid for by the Hillary campaign and the Democrat national party and didn’t disclose it to the court. In fact, they went out of their way not to disclose it to the court.”

Their rebuttal is attempt to cover up up what everyone already knows and Nunes called them out for it.

“This is why we wanted it out, and it’s amazing that the Democrats would actually take part in trying to cover this up. It’s about a cover up. Not only that, but they’re making excuses as if it was okay to use that information to get a warrant on an American citizen. It’s flabbergasting.”

The democrats never seize to amaze us with what they are willing to do to protect themselves.


(Source: Breitbart)