After Deputy FBI Director Tried to Protect Hillary, GOP Rep. Leaked His Secret Email He Didn’t Want Getting Out

FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe met with the House Oversight committee for the 3rd straight day as Republicans continue to discover the deep anti-Trump forces leading the FBI.

Shortly after the meeting, Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) spoke to Fox News and detailed email evidence that proves the FBI protected Hillary Clinton.

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McCabe, who was the Deputy FBI Director during the Hillary email investigation, reportedly used coded language in his emails confirming that they were giving Hillary special treatment.

“We have email evidence from Andrew McCabe indicating that Hillary Clinton was going to get an ‘HQ Special,’ a headquarters special,”

He continued, explaining exactly what this coded-phrase meant.

“That meant that the normal process at the Washington Field office weren’t followed and you have a very small group of people who had a pro-Hillary Clinton bias who had a direct role in changing the outcome of that investigation from one that likely should’ve been criminal to one that she was able to walk.”

If that isn’t bad enough, McCabe’s wife donated $467,500 to Hillary’s closest political ally, Terry McCauliffe, while this “investigation” into Hillary was still happening.

Could this have been a pay-off? It doesn’t look good, that’s for sure.

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