As Democrats Beg Oprah to Run in 2020, Trump Revealed Why She Would NEVER Beat Him

Last night during the Golden Globes, Oprah gave a speech that has many liberals, including fake news networks like NBC, praying that she will one day be president.

However, as Trump revealed earlier this morning, Oprah would have a HUGE problem.  A problem that democrats have ignored for decades but Trump has managed to fix in less than one year.

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First, President Trump put out a statement through a spokesman that shows he definitely isn’t worried about Oprah. “We welcome the challenge, whether it be Oprah Winfrey or anybody else,” the spokesman said.

Now, Take a look at President Trump’s tweet:


That’s right.

In less that one year, President Trump has managed to lower the African American unemployment rate to the LOWEST IN HISTORY and has nearly done the same with the Hispanic unemployment rate.

Democrats parade around African American and Hispanic communities only once every four years.  They come full of promises in order to capture the the minorty vote, only to disappear and never deliver on any of those promises.  Under Barack Obama, the first black president, African American and Hispanic communities suffered more than they have in a very long time.

But that’s not the only problem she would have…


Presumably she’d be running on the idea to fight the sexual assault epidemic. But, as people pointed out on Twitter last night, she appeared to be close friends with Harvey Weinstein for YEARS while he was allegedly sexually assaulting actresses throughout Hollywood.

SOURCE: Twitter

But it gets worse! How about the the report where British Actress Kadian Noble claimed Harvey Weinstein “Used Oprah” to seduce her.

This user posted an image that shows Oprah and Harvey with another young woman sitting between them.

SOURCE: Twitter

But even with this stuff aside, how is she going to run on the Obama legacy?

Under Obama there were a record number of people on food stamps.  There were a record number of mass shootings.  We had the highest poverty level in American history.  We had the lowest economic growth in American history.

This is the legacy the democrats leave behind, and this is the legacy Oprah would inherit if she were to run.  Trump has already reversed all of this AND has successfully branded the democrats as the ones responsible for all that mess they created.

This presents a huge problem for Oprah, because the democrats would heavily, heavily rely on her to capture most of the African American and Hispanic votes to win.

However, like President Trump pointed out in his tweet, the tide has turned and the people have spoken.  Trump has won over more African American and Hispanic votes than any Republican in history because HE ACTUALLY DELIVERED ON HIS PROMISES TO THEM.  He actually cares about their prosperity, unlike the democrats who only use them as a political pawn.