CNN IS FINISHED! They Just Got Caught Telling Biggest Trump LIE in The Hisory of TV (Opinion)

The single largest manufacturer of ‘fake news’ is at it again.

CNN ran a segment on Monday in which they interviewed Japanese women who survived internment camps from WWII, coaxing them to say they fear Trump will do the same thing with Muslims.

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You read that right…CNN did a segment sayingold Japaneese Women should be worried about Trump rounding them up and throwing them into internment camps.

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They even aired the segment close to the anniversary date of Pearl Harbor. I guess this is how CNN honors Pearl Harbor victims…By spreading lies about Trump? Do they have no shame?

CNN decided to take this opportunity to manufacture some BS about how Trump is some villainous, genocidal dictator who plans on sending out some goon squad to round up all the Muslims and throw them into concentration camps.

Just think about this irony… CNN has been bashing conservative media outlets, saying they’re endangering America by spreading fake news… Then they spread their own fake news DEMONIZING Trump to the point that radicals may want to attack him…


CNN and the rest of the mainstream media are playing dangerous game and we can only hope Trump holds them accountable when he’s in office. The blood is on their hands for spreading pure lies!


It didn’t stop there! An anti-Trump shill also tried to use the same lie talking to Megyn Kelly but she was prepared and DESTROYED him.

h/t InfoWars