Clinton Aide Accusses Gorka Of Being Drunk On TV, Gorka Gives Him Hangover With Brilliant Response (Video)

Source: Fox Screenshot

“Your party failed America as much as the GOP establishment. If you don’t want to defend it, I understand because it’s indefensible,” said Seb Gorka taking apart a Clinton aide on live TV.

His name is Philippe Reines and he was overmatched the minute he walked on the set with Laura Ingraham to debate Seb Gorka.

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The debate focused on the failures of the establishment and why we should listen to them now.

These were no small mistake either. History will be cruel to those who gave away America’s future.

Who let China into the WTO to steal our jobs and technology because they thought they may turn to democracy.

China took our jobs and technology and instead turned to a dictator for life and are now, loaded with what our experts gave them free of charge, our only true global rival.

And unlike Russia, which was and still is a third world economy with nukes, China is an economic powerhouse.

That we made. That we gave made at the expense of our middle class. Look, the experts can say this and that about free trade but it is not free when you factor in the cost of what we lost.


20 years of stagnant wages directly caused by having Americans compete with Chinese workers willing to work for pennies.

Do they really want to compare that with the wonders of cheap Nike shoes?

Add the trade deficit. Add China’s military and economy which we financed and got nothing in return.

Are all those worth low prices at Walmart?

Of course not. Only a fool would say so.

Gorka simply wanted to know why we should listen to these experts rather than to our lying eyes.

The Clinton hack’s jaw hit the floor with shock at being questioned and was only able to mutter that Gorka must be drunk.

So Gorka let him have it: