Bob Mueller Stunned To Silence By What Trump’s Attorney Just Said He Could Do With His Subpoena

Bob Mueller has no choice but to make his move soon as there are Department of Justice guidelines about commenting too close to an election.

So he will be making his move soon if he has any moves to make.

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The left thinks it is game over and that Trump is guilty and will go quietly into the good night.

But according to Trump’s lawyer (and Trump history as a fighter), this is going all the way to the Supreme Court.

From The Gateway Pundit:

An attorney for Trump, Jay Sekulow told George Stephanopoulos on Sunday that they will fight any subpoena from Robert Mueller.

Sekulow said a Mueller subpoena would spark a legal battle and they will take the fight all the way up to the Supreme Court.

Stephanopoulos asked Sekulow what he would do if Mueller were to subpoena President Trump.


“You have a fight under the Constitution because it really becomes an Article II question,” Sekulow told Stephanopoulos.

“…If you get a subpoena, you file what’s called a motion to quash, that will be argued at the district court then it would go to the court of appeals, then it would go to the Supreme Court of the United States,” Sekulow said.

“A subpoena for live testimony has never been tested in court as to a president of the United States,” Sekulow continued, saying Trump’s legal team is prepared to fight it in court.