After Attacking Trump For Months, CNN Just Got Slapped With Worst News Ever

CNN has been at war with President Trump for months. Studies have found that 93% of their coverage of the President is negative.

We knew this has been hurting their ratings, but Eric Trump just revealed some shockingly bad news for CNN.

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Here’s what Eric Trump Tweeted out.

Fox News now has 15 of the top 20 shows on Cable News and CNN only has 1 inside the top 25.

SOURCE: Twitter


Even non-Conservatives are starting to notice.

Famous Tech Entrepreneur Kim Dot Com Tweeted out that CNN is “lying itself to death,” and he called Sean Hannity a “Truth-Teller.”

Another Twitter user wondered if their ratings would even be as high as they are if it weren’t for TVs in airports and hospitals. HAHA!

CNN’s struggles seem to be taking a toll on Jim Acosta, who keeps whining about Sarah Sanders “not calling on him” during press conferences.

Acosta tried to call Sanders out on this but got put in his place as usual.

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