As Trump Stepped Off Air Force One in Chattanooga, He Looked Down & Saw a Sign From God

All we keep hearing from the mainstream media is how big the “Blue Wave” is going to be Tuesday. They keep telling us how all the enthusiasm is with the Democrats.

But as Pres. Trump landed in Chattanooga for his rally tonight, what he saw will make Democrats shiver.

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This is the biggest crowd anyone has seen all year.  Tens of thousands, lined up as far as the eye can see. People started lining up YESTERDAY just to get a spot inside the arena. Look at this.

Pres. Trump Tweeted this out just now pointing how out MASSIVE the crowds are.

Will the media keep lying and telling us that there is no enthusiasm for Republicans? Even after seeing this?

Will there be a RED WAVE or a BLUE WAVE?  Comment and tell us below.

The rally is starting right now and you can watch it here: