As The ‘Caravan’ Continues to Pour in, Newt Gingrich Exposes What Democrats Never Wanted to Come Out

Newt Gingrich is back and he has had enough. The former Speaker of the House just exposed the migrant “caravan” for what it truly is.

Nobody in the mainstream media is being honest about this issue and Newt just broke it down like only he can.  This explosive video clip is going viral and it reveals the Democrats SICK plan behind the ‘caravan.’

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Gingrich says “American Leftists” are financing the ‘Caravan’ as a part of a psychological war against this country. But it’s not just the Democrats, according to Newt. He explains who is secretly behind this ‘Caravan.’

Watch this video clip then spread this story like wildfire!

“I think it’s sad. I’ll bet you the elite media spends a lot more time today on what’s happening at the border, than they’re going to spend on the death of a young American who was killed by an illegal immigrant.” 

From NewsMax:

“You are either going to have a country and have a border or you are not going to have a country,” said Gingrich.


However, he said there are also conservative businesses who “want cheap labor,” but also a “number of left-wingers who don’t believe in borders.”

Meanwhile, there are “at least 100 million people who would come to the U.S.,” said Gingrich. “I think this is a very serious moment. I think President (Donald) Trump is doing the right thing.”

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