After The FBI Revealed Findings in Kavanaugh Probe, Lindsey Graham Exposed Democrats For Who They Truly Are

Senator Lindsey Graham spoke to Laura Ingraham last night following the conclusion of the FBI probe into allegations against Judge Kavanaugh.

The FBI revealed their findings to the Senate Judiciary committee, and Senator Graham UNLOADED on Democrats after seeing the report.

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The South Carolina Senator said the report is very good for Judge Kavanaugh, and he exposed Democrats as the pathetic partisans that they are. (Video Below)

Democrats like Sen. Melendez saw the FBI report and immediately called it a “coverup” and a  “bullsh*t investigation.” To which Sen. Graham responded, saying what they’ve been doing is the real “bullsh*t.”

Not to mention Sen. Melendez’ has his own troubling accusations from the past.

The New Jersey Senator was previously accused of having sex with underage prostitutes in the Dominican Republic. The charges were dropped, but Federal Prosecutors weren’t “convinced” the allegations were false. Sen. Graham didn’t mention this, but he did go after Sen. Melendez directly.

Watch this explosive clip then share it so we can spread the truth.


Here’s some of what Graham said, via Fox News:

GRAHAM: To my good friends, this is advice and consent. This is your view of the Senate’s role is to take a good man’s life, turn it upside down, betray Dr. Ford’s trust, do everything in the world to destroy him to hold the seat open past the midterms. That’s not advice and consent; that’s despicable.

It’s going to blow up in your face. I hope it does because it was wrong. He is going to get on the court.

They have no idea what the FBI supplemental investigation was about. They made up their mind to vote ‘no’ before anybody said ‘hello.’ 

So here’s what the three Senators asked for. That the people named by Dr. Ford be interviewed by the FBI, just not the committee, and Ms.Ramirez be interviewed by the FBI. That was done, plus 5 other witnesses. The results are in. 

Senator Collins and Senator Flake said they thought it was thorough, they thought it was fair. And these two people who are my friends have no idea what they’re talking about? Let me tell my friend Bob [Menendez], what y’all have done is bullshit.

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