After Rod Rosenstein Got Caught ‘Secretly Recording’ Trump, Gregg Jarrett Revealed The Crime That Could Send Him to Jail

Gregg Jarrett is on fire lately, exposing the ‘deep state’ once again for their attempted “coup” to “overthrow” President Trump.

First, Jarrett exposed Rod Rosenstein’s conflicts of interest and called on him to be immediately removed from overseeing Mueller’s ‘collusion’ investigation.  But it just got a LOT worse for Rosenstein.

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In this latest bombshell, Former FBI General Counsel James Baker alleges that not only did Rosenstein lead the effort to secretly record Pres. Trump, but he was laying the groundwork to overthrow the President.

The latest evidence that Rosenstein is appallingly compromised comes from former FBI General Counsel James Baker. Baker reportedly told Congress last week that Rosenstein was “serious” when he proposed secretly recording the president to try to gain damaging information about him.

Rosenstein allegedly also talked about soliciting others to secretly record the president. But that’s not all. According to Baker, Rosenstein was also “serious” when he discussed recruiting Cabinet members to depose Trump under the 25th Amendment, in what would amount to an attempted palace coup.

Jarrett also revealed Rosenstein’s blatant conflicts of interest, having been the person who suggested the firing of Comey, while also knowing that Comey’s firing would promote to a position where he could secretly record and begin undermining Pres. Trump himself.

Rosenstein volunteered to author the memo recommending that Comey be terminated as FBI director. Since the firing is part of Mueller’s inquiry into potential obstruction of justice, Rosenstein is a witness in a key matter under investigation – and could potentially be charged with a crime by Mueller if he gave any testimony that was false or misleading.

Watch this explosive segment from Hannity last night where Jarrett laid the case out against Rosenstein. This is shocking stuff. Share this story everywhere because the mainstream media won’t cover it.


From Fox News:

HANNITY: This sounds like a soft coup, revenge taken out on a president.

GREGG JARRETT: There’s this new evidence and three witnesses that in an act of vengeance for the firing of Comey he’s trying to secretly record the president of the United States and depose him in the equivalent of a palace coup. 

HANNITY: Do you agree with the characterization, because I agree with Gregg, I believe this was an attempt to literally set a president up for a soft coup.

SARA CARTER: One hundred percent. There is overwhelming evidence, not just circumstantial anymore, we’ve seen it in writing, we’ve seen it with testimony that’s been provided to congress. This was a white coup, a silent coup, a bloodless coup.