After Reports of Biden Plan to Pay illegal aliens $450,000 each, Tucker Exposes Him For The Embarrassment he Truly is

According to the Wall Street Journal, the Biden Administration is considering $450,000 payments to some illegal aliens as consolation for being “separated” from their families during the Trump Admin’s zero-tolerance policy in 2018.

Just a couple hours after this report surfaced, Tucker Carlson took to the airwaves and TORCHED the reported Biden Admin plan, and exposed the President for the embarrassment he truly is. This is a Tucker segment that every American needs to see. (Watch below)

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Tucker points out that it’s not just $450,000 per illegal alien, but the amount could be up to $1 MILLION per family. As he puts it,  “A million dollars per family for illegal aliens at exactly the moment that American families are becoming noticeably poorer by the day.”

WATCH this unbelievable video and spread it everywhere so every American sees it.

From Fox News:

So how much is that, exactly? Well, let’s see if you’re an American citizen who is killed in a war defending your country, our government promises to send your family $100,000. That is less than a quarter of what Joe Biden intends to give illegal aliens for the inconvenience of being deported. 

They’re once again getting $450,000 apiece from your tax receipts. That’s more than some of the 9/11 victims got. It’s more than any ordinary American ever gets for anything from the U.S. government. Most people in this country just give. 

Foreigners with no respect for our laws or systems, meanwhile, are hitting the jackpot. So take three steps back, you’ve got to wonder how long this sort of thing can continue. How long before the people who make this country run who, by the way, are not the same people who run this country – Those are two very different groups – But before the people who make this country run decide they have had enough and they’re not going to take it anymore. Why pay your taxes at this point? Seriously, it’s too insulting. It’s too destructive. It is evil. 

What do you think? Will Pres. Biden actually try and follow through with this plan, or do you think he’ll start to put American families first?