After Reporter Tries to Call Trump a Loser, Trump Glares Back & Serves Him Brutal Dose of Karma

Habitual Trump critic Chris Wallace sat down with the President on Sunday and the fireworks started when Wallace called Pres. Trump a loser.

In an explosive exchange, Wallace spends a minute listing off every Republican who lost in the election, and blamed the President for this. That’s when Pres. Trump stopped him, sarying, “are you finished?” before issuing a brutal response.

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Watch this clip then spread it if you stand with Pres. Trump.

From USA Today:

“But this was a historically big defeat in the House,” Wallace said. “You lost in traditionally Republican suburbs, not only around liberal cities like Philadelphia and D.C. but also red-state big cities like Houston and Oklahoma City. You lost among suburban women. You lost among independents.”

In California, the lone remaining undecided House seat was won by a Democrat, Gil Cisneros, who beat the incumbent, Young Kim. R-California. In total, Democrats snapped up six House seats from the GOP in the state, including a sweep of four seats in Orange County, which had been a Republican stronghold. 

“I won the Senate, and that’s historic too,” Trump replied. “That’s a tremendous victory.  Nobody talks about that. That’s a far greater victory than it is for the other side.”