After Reporter Implied Trump is Lazy & Stays in Bed All Morning, Watch Trump’s Brutal Response

President Trump gave an exclusive interview yesterday evening with Fox Host Steve Hilton and it was released late last night. The most explosive part of the interview was when Pres. Trump was questioned about his “work habits.”

The Fox Host asked Pres. Trump about his liberal critics who accuse the President of being lazy and unfocused. Specifically, the accusation that he stays in bed all morning “watching TV” and “rage Tweeting.” Pres. Trump’s brutal response silenced those critics once and for all.

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Pres. Trump was also asked about China and Iran, among other things.

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Here is the transcript of the exchange about his work ethic, via RealClearPolitics:

HILTON: You mentioned, just now, watching someone on the morning show. And that’s one of the things you get hit for a lot, about how you do the job. They say, “He’s up in the residence all morning, watching TV, rage tweeting at morning shows. He’s not focusing on the job.” What’s your response to that?

TRUMP: So I have way over 100 million people on the various things — much more than that, but over 100 million people between Twitter, and Facebook, and Instagram and all of it, right? It’s a tremendous communication (ph) for me, because I have so many people. When people do a book they beg me, please, give me — because it goes to be a best selling book.

If there’s somebody interesting I like to watch it. I watch much less television. You know, they like to make me look like I’m — I’m up early in the morning, I’m in the Oval Office early, I leave late —

HILTON: So it’s not true when they say that you’re up in the residence —

TRUMP: No it’s all — no, they do that as a form of disparagement. I was about three weeks ago (ph) with some very big business men. I was in the Oval Office negotiating and we have a small screen, a television. And they noticed that they were saying Donald Trump is up now, he’s steaming, he’s angry. He’s up in the residence. I said, “See that folks? I’m in the Oval Office.”

HILTON: Right.

TRUMP: I’m a very calm person, too. You know, they like to make me like I’m raging, I’m like the raging bull — I’m a raging person.

HILTON: But the tweets are a bit raging every now and again —

TRUMP: Well, but sometimes you do that for a reason. I mean, you know the tweets seem to work. And you know it’s —

HILTON: I’m not knocking the tweets, I was just —

TRUMP: No, but I have so many politicians, could you possibly tweet a certain bill that’s going to be voted on —

HILTON: Right, right.

TRUMP: I have destroyed bills that were going to be voted on that were bad, and I’ve gotten bills passed that were good by using Twitter. And Twitter is really a typewriter for me. It’s really not Twitter — it’s — Twitter goes on television, or if they have breaking news, I’ll tweet, I’ll say “Watch this — boom.”

I did the Golan Heights (ph) to Israel, and I put it out on Twitter. If I put out a news release nobody’s even going to see it. Today’s (ph) Huawei, I put it out on Twitter, people see. That’s not to build Twitter. That’s to say that as soon as it goes out, it goes on television, it goes on Facebook, it goes all over the place and it’s instant — it really is, to me it’s a modern way to communicate.

HILTON: But in terms of how you use your time, that’s really what I was getting at. They say, well the (inaudible) books, doesn’t have these ritual (ph) 15 minute meetings. I would just love to hear you talk about what is your approach to getting the job done, if it’s not that traditional thing how do you see it?

TRUMP: I read a lot. If I find somebody on television that I want to watch, I try and watch it, because I feel you can learn a lot from a good interview with somebody for 10 or 15 minutes, I really do. I will read briefings. They like to disparage, you know? They like to say, “Well he doesn’t read his briefings,” because I think I’ve done phenomenally if you look at my policy outside of the United States.

I think maybe in certain ways, maybe that’s got to be the strongest — right now it’s the economy. But I think maybe the strongest — look, NATO is ripping us off. I got the NATO countries, we’re defending them, to put up $100 billion more, and the secretary of — General of NATO, Stoltenberg — great guy. He’s my biggest fan, because NATO is going down like this, it was going down the funding. And now it went down — as soon as I got in, I raised $100 billion from NATO countries. Where they’re putting up (ph) we’re paying for it.

We’re paying for a large percentage — it’s very unfair. We’re treated unfairly throughout the world, because we’ve had people that didn’t protect our country. I’m protecting our country, but they like to disparage. They say, “Oh he’s up in his room,” when I’m in the office. Or “He’s there,” I don’t think anybody works — and it’s not work to me, I love doing it. So I’m not saying work, but I don’t think anybody works the long hours that I work. I don’t think anybody works as hard, but I don’t consider it work because I love doing it.

And you know why I love it, Steve? In this case — I used to love it — I used to love putting up buildings and doing what I did, or doing “The Apprentice,” or whatever I was doing. But — and if you don’t love it by the way, you can never do it well. You know that because you love what you do. But I like it in this case, because I’m doing a lot for people. I’m doing a lot for people. If you look at taxes have gone down, so many different changes — look at the jobs —

HILTON: Well as a specific example of that, I was just talking to the HHS Secretary, Alex Azar, he literally said to me, you’re just on his case the whole time about prescription drug prices –

TRUMP: I want to bring the prices down –

HILTON: — him on the detail. I think that’s part of the story that people don’t see.

TRUMP: And we had the first year in 51 years where drug prices came down this year. First time in 51 years. No, we’re doing a lot of good for people. I mean, look at jobs, look at the economy. I mean, people are making more money than they ever have. We have more people working today than ever worked in the history of the United States. No, I love what I’m doing.

HILTON: There’s another book coming out, Fire and Fury 2. I don’t know what the title is, it’s going to be all over again, all this kind of stuff. What do you make of that?

TRUMP: Well, I never even did an interview with these — I don’t even know who the person is. I did an interview with that person — I mean, there are many books. Books come out every week. But I’ve never even heard the book. You’re telling me now — I never did an interview with — other than years ago for a magazine, and he actually wrote a nice (inaudible) about me. It’s a big con job. It’s really like the fake news, it’s really terrible. I’ve had good books and bad books. But you’re telling me a book is coming out, they don’t even interview me for the book.

Nobody has done the job that we’ve done in the first two and a half years of a presidency, nobody. Nobody has accomplished what we’ve accomplished. If you look at a list, so many things, even right to try, where a person’s very sick and they have the right now to use medicines that may or may not work that we do (ph). So many different things that we’ve done.