After Reporter Called Trump’s Campaign Ad “Racist,” Watch Trump Embarrass Him

The media got a few minutes to ask President Trump questions today and, as usual, they took this time to try and smear him.

One reporter asked Pres. Trump about his Immigration campaign ad that people are calling “racist,” and that’s when the fireworks started.

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Pres. Trump first responded by saying he is running a lot of campaign ads and he doesn’t know which one the reporter is talking about. “We have a lot of ads and they certainly are effective based on the numbers we’re seeing,” Pres. Trump said.

Then, the next reporter called the ad “offensive,” and that’s when Pres. Trump responded “well a lot of things are offensive, your questions are offensive a lot of times.” (Video Below)

If you haven’t seen it, the campaign ad that these reporters are talking about shows footage of a convicted murderer, who is an illegal immigrant, showing no remorse and promising to kill more people. How is Trump racist for showing this??


This is Pres. Trump’s response to the reporters today. Do you agree with Pres. Trump or the media about this ad? Comment below.