After Reporter Accused Trump of Using Tear Gas on Children at Border, Sarah Huckabee Embarrassed Him

Sarah Huckabee-Sanders faced off with the media today and had an explosive exchange with a reporter who asked about the use of tear gas at the border.

The reporter said he hadn’t heard any “regret” from the White House about  border patrol using tear gas to fend off ‘caravan’ migrants who were throwing rocks at them. Sarah’s brutal response left the reporter in stunned silence.

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Huckabee-Sanders pointed out that Border Patrol has ALWAYS used non-lethal means like tear gas to protect themselves. In fact, they used it on average of once a month during the Obama years, according to Sarah. But she didn’t stop there.

Watch this explosive clip and spread this story because the mainstream media doesn’t want the truth getting out.

Here is Sarah’s best quote from the exchange:

“Law enforcement have used appropriate non-lethal force to protect themselves and prevent an illegal rush across the border. And let’s also not forget that this is the first time that non-lethal force like this has been used. In fact, tear gas was used on average once a month during the Obama administration for very similar circumstances….

In fact, they were actually for far less circumstances because they didn’t have the same numbers and mass rush that we’re seeing in this caravan take place. 


Certainly, no one wants women or children or any individuals have this happen, which is why we’ve encouraged them to actually follow the law and go to points of entry.” 

Do you agree with Sarah Huckabee-Sanders? Do you stand with our brave border patrol agents? Make sure everyone sees this story.

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