After Obama Mocked Virginia Parents, Watch Tucker Expose Him as The “Heartless Monster” he Truly is

While campaigning for Terry Mcauliffe in Virginia, Barack Obama seemed to mock Virginia parents who are outraged over an alleged cover-up by school officials of sexual assault in the school’s bathroom. Obama seemed to suggest that this was a “trumped-up” issue and it is fake outrage.

Well, Tucker Carlson went on the air last night and issued a BRUTAL response to the former President, saying that this “alleged” assault has now been confirmed and the attacker was found guilty by a Judge. But that’s not all.

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Tucker says this exposes Obama as the “heartless monster” he truly is for dismissing this issue, and explains exactly why this Virginia case is becoming a huge story.

WATCH this video then spread it everywhere so everyone can see the truth. Tucker starts with the breaking news of this story, then responds to Obama’s mocking of the parents. This is shocking stuff.

Tucker talks with the reporter who broke this sexual assault story, and subsequent alleged cover-up by school officials.

What do you think? Should Obama apologize?

If you missed the original story, you can read the full story on Daily Wire:

“On June 22, Scott Smith was arrested at a Loudoun County, Virginia, school board meeting, a meeting that was ultimately deemed an “unlawful assembly” after many attendees vocally opposed a policy on transgender students.

What people did not know is that weeks prior on May 28, Smith says, a boy allegedly wearing a skirt entered a girls’ bathroom at nearby Stone Bridge High School, where he sexually assaulted Smith’s ninth-grade daughter.

Juvenile records are sealed, but Smith’s attorney Elizabeth Lancaster told The Daily Wire that a boy was charged with two counts of forcible sodomy – one count of anal sodomy and one count of forcible fellatio – related to an incident that day at that school.”